Yes. I moved my blog. Again.

I think I’ve tried all of the various platforms now. Of all of them, I wanted to like Squarespace the most, because it seemed like the coolest one, although that could be because I listen to a lot of podcasts. But Squarespace is expensive, and their iOS apps are terrible. I once wrote a post in Markdown on the website and then couldn’t edit it in the iOS app because it was a "complex document" or some nonsense like that.

WordPress has always seemed like the best choice, except that I didn’t want to do it on a cheap, shared host like I had done it before (cough Dreamhost cough) which was terrible (although that was a number of years ago now). I tried Tumblr. I tried Micro.Blog. I tried just about everything. I even tried hosting my own static site. A few times.

But WordPress is everywhere, including on iOS with Shortcuts, and (perhaps especially) on the Mac with MarsEdit. I’ve always liked MarsEdit, and I’ve owned a license for it for as long as I can remember, but most of the various sites that I’ve tried didn’t work with it.

Why did I wait this long to go back to WordPress?

Well, to be honest, I thought WordPress on was going to cost me like $15-20/month, which was more than I wanted to spend. But when I went to sign up, not only did I find that it was much cheaper, but with the promo code PRICINGSAVE20_785F (valid through August 31st, 2019), my account will only cost about $6/month for 24 months.

What is even better (for you, dear reader, if in fact you actually exist) is that 24 months is a long time compared to how long I usually go before I move my site. So it will be here for at least 24 months, and hopefully by that time I will have gotten the urge to stray out of my system.

I’m going to start moving over old posts from my former Micro.Blog site soon.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even stop breaking my own URLs at some point!

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