mas & macOS Versions

Apple does not always make it easy to locate and download older versions of Mac OS X / OS X / macOS but if you have purchased them previously (even if the cost was $0) you should be able to get the apps using mas.

You just need the ID number associated with each version of macOS, which is why I have put together this handy list:

10.7 – Mac OS X Lion:

mas install 444303913

10.8 – OS X Mountain Lion:

mas install 537386512

10.9 – OS X Mavericks:

mas install 675248567

10.10 – OS X Yosemite:

mas install 915041082

10.11 – OS X El Capitan:

mas install 1018109117

10.12 – macOS Sierra:

mas install 1127487414

10.13 – macOS High Sierra:

mas install 1246284741

10.14 – macOS Mojave:

mas install 1398502828

You can install mas either via .pkg installer from its GitHub page, or if you use brew, then install it via brew install mas.

Copyright 2018 Timothy J. Luoma