Due and 'autosnooze'

It’s always fun to see your name in the release notes for an app.

So, what is autosnooze and why would you want to use it?

Quoting https://www.dueapp.com/developer.html:

autosnooze (unsigned integer, optional, Due 3.2+)

The interval in minutes at which Due will repeatedly notify the user of this reminder once it becomes due. Valid values are 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60.

Here’s my use-case:

I usually want my “Default Auto-Snooze” time to be 5 minutes, because I find that’s enough time between each reminder that I forget about it, which means I get really annoyed when I see same reminder again.

(That might sound strange if you don’t use Due, but one of the things people love about Due is that it’s a great way to annoy yourself into doing something you need to do.)

However, for one of my Siri Shortcuts, I need to set a reminder which will:

  1. Go off 5 minutes from right now
  2. If not cleared, repeat every 1 minute after that

Why so soon? The Shortcut involves an iPhone app which can remotely start my car (a super-handy feature in the winter when you live in the northern frozen tundra area of the United States). However, the car will shut itself off if left running for more than 10 minutes, which is reasonable because there’s really no need to let the car warm up any longer than that. It’s possible to trigger the remote-start a second time, but that seems wasteful. I don’t want to be wasteful, but am easily distracted, so I want to use Due to remind me to go to my car after about 5 minutes. Less than 5 minutes is not useful because the car will not have warmed up enough. If I don’t actually leave after 5 minutes, waiting another 5 minutes for the next reminder is pointless because by that time the car may have shut itself off again. Clearly, this is the perfect case for a 1-minute auto-snooze.

Here’s the URL that I am using to launch Due:


That will launch Due with a new “Car Is Running” reminder all set to go off in 5 minutes, followed by 1 minute reminders until dismissed. All I have to do is tap “OK”.

(Aside: I’d love to be able to create the reminder in Due without requiring any interaction on my part, but I don’t think that’s possible (yet?). Regardless, this is now much easier than having to tap the “Snooze” button, then tap 1, and then tap “OK”. 1 tap instead of 3 taps is a clear win.)

Other Uses

  • I can also see this being useful for setting a reminder for the dryer. I hate ironing, so I always want to get my dress shirts out of the dryer before it stops. I can set a Due reminder for 45 minutes after the dryer started, and then remind to every minute to get my shirts before the dryer shuts off and the wrinkles set in. 😫

  • This also means that you can create several Shortcuts which prompt you for the “title” of the reminder, and then either automatically select how long of an auto-snooze interval you want to use, or have Shortcuts prompt you for that, too.

Copyright 2018 Timothy J. Luoma